Process operator

Job description

The process operator can independently operate a number of existing and yet-to-be-developed processes for food production. Hygiene and food safety are key: work must be done carefully and clean. The operator is expected to carry out cleaning and disinfection him/herself.

The processes are automated to a limited extent. The installations comprise (vacuum) reactors/vats, pumps, decanters, centrifuges, filters, presses, heat exchangers, measuring instruments, valves, condensers, steam boilers, cooling towers, air compressors, etc. When operating them, checking the correct temperatures and pressures is very important. Checklists must be filled in accurately to monitor these process parameters. In case of deviations, the process operator should intervene himself and/or, if necessary, warn the supervisor.

Small mechanical malfunctions can be solved by the operator. For larger faults, he/she must call in the help of the technical department. Quality control is part of the job, as is the operation of a forklift truck for the supply and removal of raw materials and finished products.

The process operator is expected to take the initiative to assist the production/technical management in optimising the processes, testing new process components and designing the process automation.

In general

  • deployable on multiple production lines 
  • stand-alone operation of a production line and/or combined lines
  • all product operations (including washing, crushing, distilling, evaporating, filtering, heat treatment, purifying, additive dosing, mixing, filling/packaging, pressing, etc.)
  • production preparation and execution according to procedures/instructions
  • line manager and job coordination
  • high volumes and/or complexity of physical/chemical processes and process equipment

Executive production

  • ensuring sufficient raw materials and (packaging) materials
  • cleaning and/or disinfection of the process plant
  • starting the production process, setting up machines/process line
  • monitoring the process, adjusting for disruptions, resolving minor malfunctions, adhering to planning
  • distributing workstations on the line and explaining the work
  • instructing <5 employees on the line, signalling mistakes and solving them

Production information

  • recording production and control data
  • registering of resources, material (and in due course: people)

Operating lines

  • performing daily cleaning and maintenance
  • solving small technical disturbances and reporting larger deviations to management and technical service

Process optimisation

  • contributing to the optimisation of production processes
  • making suggestions regarding improvements and savings
  • cooperating in projects (e.g. development/testing of new processes and automation)


  • adherence to safety, environmental, order and cleanliness regulations and procedures
  • identifying and reporting unsafe and/or unhygienic situations, taking action according to procedures


  • procedures (QA Manual) and work instructions



  • giving explanations and instructions to employees
  • consulting with technical service regarding (mechanical) failures of installations
  • consulting with supervisors on execution, progress, deviations

Reference position (AWVN, May 2019)

  • Operator Production B


  • At least MBO+ of VAPRO B
  • Proficient in Dutch, spoken and written
  • Forklift certification


  • Neat, precise and careful
  • Curious, eager to learn and involved
  • Independent, responsible

Growth opportunities

Gourmet Ingredients is in the early stages of developing into a production company with a wide range of food ingredients from onions, shallots and fresh garlic. At present, production and experiments are carried out in a recently completed pilot plant at the Grootebroek location. At this location, new products and their associated processes are constantly being developed into (small-scale) production. In the short term, expansion of the production capacity is planned for processes that prove most successful, with a view to large-scale production at this or other locations.

As an ambitious and skilled process operator who joins the team at this stage will, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow with this young organisation.



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