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Reduce the sugar content of your formulation with our sustainable and high-quality onion concentrate PlantSweet. Sweeten food with food and become label-friendly.


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Nothing to hide

They are disguised under many different names and to be found in almost any product across supermarket aisles. Sugar is a very cheap but also functional ingredient. It can enhance the taste, act as a bulking agent or extend the shelf-life of foods.

With growing concerns and rising consumer awareness on health risks, sugar has become the white devil of nutrition and a challenge for food producers. Leaving out this sweetener is a technical barrier but the regulatory and market pressure to reduce the sugar content in manufactured food is here to stay. As onions naturally contain a high amount of sugar, we have developed our concentrate PlantSweet as the perfect solution for natural sweetness. Depending on your application, with PlantSweet you can replace any artificial sweeteners to reach your formulation goals for sugar reduction or replacement. Our technology allows us to customise the sugar composition in our concentrates according to your taste needs and label requirements.


Good sugar hidden in plain sight


Good sugar hidden in plain sight

Bring the right taste balance into your Ketchup recipe with full plant sweetness. Make Pasta sauces with the perfect thickness and soups with less sugar without compromising on functionality and performance. PlantSweet will turn your products into the secret weapon of any home chef. Create transparency and consumer acceptance so they will serve food with a better conscience. Sugar reduction made possible. 

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