The right bite

Hack your recipe with our natural onion purée for better physical structure while improving your operational efficiency. A tasty win-win.


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Your mouth has feelings too

When it comes to the quality perception of food, the texture often plays the most important role next to the other senses like taste, smell or appearance. From the moment that we touch with our fingers to evaluate the sponginess of bread to the signals our tongue, palate and teeth send to our brains upon the first bite. That’s the moment when consumers want to get what they expect. 

As a response to consumer demands, leaving out gluten, fat or sugar can have a noticeable impact on food texture. Also, storage time can make food wilt or lose its turgor pressure. As fresh onions contain a lot of water, their use in your product recipe can contribute to unwanted moisture levels. Our onion purée gives your food a high sense of freshness with low water content. It’s easy to use in production and dosing, and perfect to create the right texture for your food. 

First impressions last. Make the mouthfeel of your consumers complete with food that feels fresh, smooth and tender. Give them something good to chew on and get in touch with their senses.


Make taste tangible


Make taste tangible

Crusty hash browns with little onion pieces or crisp Danishes with fillings that cover your mouth with a blanket of savour. Give your baked goods, ready meals and sauces the right texture and quality indication for buyers. Because no one likes a soggy quiche. Use our onion purée to enhance your foods’ physical performance and create consumer preference.


Our natural ingredient for texture