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This is why and how we use onions, shallots and garlic to serve sustainability most deliciously and provide a clean-label answer to your consumers’ “What’s in it for me?”


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Here is the idea

No onion left behind

The simple fact is, onions and garlic are nutrient-dense vegetables with potent plant compounds. And because we understand that like no one else, we are committed to give 100% of our crops a purpose in our production and let nothing go to waste. Not fit for retail? Still too good to go! We extract everything that is hidden underneath the layers to the full extent and create high-quality, clean label food ingredients for our customers. 

The best part about it: we’re tackling food waste right where it begins and contributing to more sustainable and circular production. We alone won’t solve the global problem, but we can make a start in our value chain and be the catalyst for change. One onion at a time.


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Power of two

Craftsmanship meets innovation

1st generation
Power of two

Craftsmanship meets innovation

Established in 1951 by the Broersen family, Gourmet is a grower of onions, shallots and garlic for three generations. Their passion for these tasty underground bulbs has grown into an organisation that now offers everything under one roof: From cultivating, selection, packaging to distribution, 365 days a year. Specialised in developing new varieties that are tailored for the consumption market, Gourmet has perfected its craft for the past 25 years. While keeping strong ties with customers to think along for solutions, they have become the partner of choice and a household name.

Closing the circle
With food innovation in our DNA and continuously investing to improve processes, it was a logical next step to make our production more sustainable. With Gourmet Ingredients we put the brightest minds from the ingredients and food industry together to unlock the versatile aromas of our onions, shallots and garlic in the form of natural additives. They can add depth and flavour to savoury dishes in any customisable way, giving your products an unmistakable signature. Good for the plates, good for the planet.

Quality, Technology & Culture

We either do it well or not at all

We operate in a dynamic, high-level and super clean environment. At Gourmet Ingredients we like to summarise how we do things like this:

Entrepreneurial mindset: A healthy portion of rolling-up-your-sleeves-mentality.

Total Quality Management: From what goes into our soil, to the cultivating process, production and service. We are certified in accordance with all major industry standards.

Customer centricity: Need a darker tone? A sweeter nuance or more dry matter? You name it and we look for the solution.

State-of-the-art facilities: We use the latest technology to guarantee the highest quality of our products. 

No pyramids: In other words, we are a flat hierarchy company to ensure lean management, communication and quick responses to market needs.



(Junior) Accountmanager Fulltime
3-09-2022 | Gourmet

(Junior) Accountmanager Fulltime

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Process operator
5-16-2023 | Gourmet

Process operator

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Tale of growth

Gourmet throughout time

From humble beginnings to becoming the leading supplier and grower of onions, shallots and garlic for worldwide clients. Here is an overview of our milestones so far.

Start of growing shallots for gardening market
Breeding new shallot varieties
Gourmet is born
First with
ISO-9002 in agriculture
Worldwide delivery started
Expansion packaging options
Increasing storage capacity
Gourmet Ingredients: 100% usage,
0% waste