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Reformulate your products with onion concentrate for natural colours, cleaner labels and healthier consumers.


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You eat with your eyes first

Like smell or texture, colour is a sensory character that directly influences the flavour perception of food. During storage on the supermarket shelves, a lot of products can lose their colour intensity due to exposure to, among others, light, heat and oxygen. But synthetic colour additives have become undesirable by consumers demanding more natural ingredients. This leaves food manufacturers with the challenge to preserve their products' visual appeal and tasty look with alternative colourants that are natural.

Whether it’s plant-based Hamburger patties, onion soup or vegetable broth, the colour alone will impact a product's success. With our onion concentrate PlantColour, we give your food the authentic look it should have and deliver the natural ingredients answer to synthetic colouring. By pressing the juice out of our onions, we can produce onion concentrate that is pure, minimally processed and provides different shades of the colour you need.

With our label-friendly food colours, you clean up your ingredients list without compromising on aromatic taste and fresh looks, while giving your consumers products they actually understand. Because everybody can pronounce onion and concentrate.



Make food with vegetable dye


Make food with vegetable dye

PlantColour will save your products from a pale and bland appearance and turn them into visually inviting plant-based food. From the right brown shiny glaze on your croissants and breads to enhancing the juicy looks of your burger meat or stew. Colour is the accessible clue on quality and freshness that drives consumer decisions. Use PlantColour to create products pretty as a picture and stimulate the appetite of returning consumers.


Plant-based colouring agent