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Develop products with a unique taste mark using our concentrates, purées, oils and powders. Natural and delicious with maximum convenience in use.


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Perfect power plant

Onions are an essential ingredient in almost any cuisine around the world. Not only do they provide great health benefits with their vitamins, minerals and fibres, but above all, they bring taste to the table. Fried, sautéed, boiled and caramelised are only a few ways of how to prepare them, while each will reveal yet another flavour that adds depth to any savoury dish.

Unlocking these distinct aromas of onions can add complexity to any food production process. Cutting and processing can take up a lot of resources like water, energy and time. That’s why we have developed innovative food solutions in the form of onion concentrates, powders, purées and oils. These natural and clean label ingredients make sure you have a consistent taste in your product while saving storage space, simplifying production and adding sustainability to your business.

From the amazing raw sharpness that delivers a sense of freshness to the mild sweetness that can perfect the taste experience, our natural food solutions serve the whole spectrum of this versatile and powerful veggie we call onion.


Why good when you can make great?


Why good when you can make great?

Amp up your kitchen game and develop future food that will win any blindfold challenge. Magic marinades, sizzling wok meals, beef-coated Stroganoff or a crunchy quiche. The applications are countless. Use our taste solutions to turn your products into treasures of the kitchen with the finest of flavours. All with the benefit of healthier ingredients and a cleaner label.