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Innovate your formulation by using clean label ingredients with functionalities to replace artificial additives.

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Create authentic eating experiences for all senses with more wholesome food ingredients. We help you to develop new products that are safe, cost-effective in production and meet the needs of conscious consumers. Put your food on the shortlist, on both minds and labels.

Gourmet's story

Three generations of knowledge

1st generation
Story about Gourmet
Gourmet's story

Three generations of knowledge

The commitment and devotion of the Broersen family have grown Gourmet to become the industry’s leading supplier of onions, garlic and shallots. Developing the expertise, from soil cultivation to breeding various onions and specialities for the consumer market, has been nurtured for three generations.

With Gourmet Ingredients we’re closing the circle and tackling food waste right where it begins. Produce, including the one that is not fit for retail, is turned into natural and plant-based ingredients to deliver innovative food solutions. For zero waste and maximum taste.

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From trend to expectation

Clean label

The scene is familiar: consumers standing between supermarket aisles studying the label of the food, they hold in their hands. What they are looking for are ingredients that are recognisable, organic and easy to read. The rising awareness of a generation and the development of technology, has brought a surging demand for healthier food products with fewer or no artificial additives. Not reacting to this movement could cost you, as a food manufacturer, consumer preference. Gourmet Ingredients can help you meet those expectations to develop more “free-from” food. Bring cleaner labels to the tables.

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Serve unforgettable memories


Serve unforgettable memories

For the parents who prepare a hot soup to warm their families on a cold winter’s day. The devout vegetarians who don’t want to compromise on taste because of their diet choice. For the lovers of crusty Sunday baguettes and couples who want to wine and dine their friends with tender meat and creamy sauces. The applications for our clean label ingredients are endless. Turn every eating experience into the most flavoursome moments in life.

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3-17-2022 | Gourmet

Q&A: The Future of Ready Meals

De kop en subkop vertellen ons wat je aanbiedt en de formulierkop sluit de deal. Hier kun je uitleggen waarom jouw aanbod zo geweldig is dat je er een formulier voor wilt invullen. De kop en subkop vertellen ons wat je aanbiedt en de formulierkop sluit de deal. Hier kun je uitleggen waarom jouw aanbod zo geweldig is dat je er een formulier voor wilt invullen.

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5-14-2022 | Gourmet

Free Edition: The World Of Food Ingredients Magazine

If you want to stay up to date about the food and beverage industry, FoodIngredients First is probably the place to be. Their magazine The World of Food Ingredients is published several times a year, both digital and in print.  

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3-12-2022 | Gourmet

The alternative to soy sauce Google won’t tell you about

Sushi, dumplings, fried rice dishes, teriyaki tempeh or sticky chicken kebabs with sesame sprinkled all over them – they all have a common condiment denominator: soy sauce. A flavourful ingredient, often served in a tiny white porcelain bowl, making the food you dip it in, crave-worthy.

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